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Smart Homes for Interior Designers

Smart Homes For Interior Designers

Design Ideas: SMART Thinking

Smarthome technology is fast becoming as important to the way we live our lives and use our homes as the right design. Elements vital to our sense of comfort, style and well-being – such as home entertainment, heating, lighting, security all controlled remotely by your mobile device have evolved with such alacrity that some gadgetry now available would have seemed within the realms of science fiction just 20 years ago.

Interior Designers are acutely aware their clients will now use ten times the number of electronic devices as they did back in the day, and now the time has never been better to integrate this bells and whistles tech with your choice of interior decoration. However, how to incorporate this cool kit with your designs, whilst keeping it simple to use?

Multiple Award-winning Prestige Audio is your specialist Home Cinema and Installation partner in tailoring bespoke home-automation systems covering everything from music and movies to curtains and climate, lighting to security and energy consumption. All beautifully integrated wirelessly, these clever convergent systems are designed to be discreetly controlled by the user’s iPad, touch screen or a clever remote control.

Acting like an interior designer for your client’s technology, Prestige as your guide will be involved at an early stage in the refurbishment to plan the tech to compliment the most fun and extravagant of design projects, allowing you guys free rein to focus on your style. Whether it’s your first-time tackling tech or you’re looking for some inspiration to give your designs tech style, Prestige will provide you with plenty of food for thought.